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Michael Kahn, CMT
Michael Kahn, CMT
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Let us be your technical research department!

Wouldn't it be great to have true access to people who live and breathe the markets? To get ideas and learn more about making better investments with lower risk?

Quick Takes Pro was named for its fast read and easily understood analyses. We keep tabs of global markets including bonds, commodities and currencies so you won't have to do it yourself.

You won't have to figure out what the analyst is saying either - it should be that clear. No arcane jargon or long winded justification. Let Quick Takes Pro be your source for professional market analysis, trading ideas and continuing education.

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- TBD - January webinar with the CMT Association - Dealing with the media

Put the power of charts to work for you!

Concise, jargon-free analysis

The Radar Screen - we find 'em, you trade 'em

Subscriber Corner - Semi-private consulting

Advice Tracker - keeping tabs on what we say

Today's Lesson - technical analysis tutorials

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Sorry but Quick Takes Pro is no longer in production. Thanks for your interest.

Are you an advisor with something to say but little time to say it? Ask about ghost writing services.

The new series on concepts in technical analysis:

"Unmasking the VooDoo" now in the blog .

Archived Webinars/Interviews

April 2014 - Fox Business --> Time to get rid of homebuilders

Feb 2014 - MoneyShow Orlando - Powerpoint slides click --> Stock Market Charts (they are easier than you think)

Nov 2012 - NAAIM CRAM session Chicago - Powerpoint slides
click --> Coping with Analysis in the Age of QE


-Why technical analysis matters for every investor

- Picking the Right Stocks

- 11 Rules for Anyone Who Uses Charts.

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