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Michael Kahn, CMT
Michael Kahn, CMT
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    The Radar Screen is a list of potential opportunities, not a recommended portfolio. It is the place within Quick Takes Pro where we store all ideas offered elsewhere in the newsletter. It is also where we keep things on the back burner for possible trades when technical conditions develop sufficiently.

    Here are the rules:

    • Underlined text is a change from the previous report. Could be comments on any technical changes that occurred or reasons why we removed something.
    • Highlighted text - usually in yellow background - are more important updates or require immediate attention. Changes in trigger prices or when to take action would be noted.
    • If and when stocks give buy or sell signals here, they then move into the Advice Tracker section where we track them with stops and exits.
    • Dates listed are first appearances in the Radar Screen or the last major update.
    • Buy or sells marked "on close" require a trigger price to be met or surpassed and stay there until the close. In this way, we can avoid intraday reversals.
    • We do not take "buy on close" or "at the open" triggers if the stock moves more than 4-5%. This is a very important point as we are a once-per-day newsletter and cannot communicate intraday changes to strategies.


    • Bullish/Bearish Implications - Stocks with setups that lean bullish/bearish, respectively. 
    • Unknown Implications - Stocks with setups that can go either way yet still be worthy of our attention.
    • Holding Tank - This is the back burner where we hold ideas that are interesting but not quite ripe for trading. When they are ready, we move them into Bullish/Bearish/Unknown Implications sections above.
    • Sector Watch - These are technical setups or changes in sectors that might spark ideas within respective sectors. After all, a good deal of individual stock movement is due to the movement of its group.
    • Updates - Brief comments on any stocks, index or market that was highlighted in the newsletter but no longer in any of the other sections. 


    • Yellow highlights as mentioned above are more important updates
    • Green and Red shading in the Holding Tank and Sector Watch sections indicates bull or bear leanings, respectively.



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