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Michael Kahn, CMT
Michael Kahn, CMT
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His most popular, now in its third edition. * All the "two- pagers" and more. His latest book, now available. * The first and the best. A lot of our style starts here. An early mentor. Another good teacher. Just for fun but it's relevant. *

Real World Technical Analysis

Real World Technical Analysis
Michael N. Kahn, CMT

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from Michael Kahn Research LLC

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Educational Presentations

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An original article on why technical analysis matters even for investors who rely strictly on the fundamentals.

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 Picking the Right Stocks Using Charts

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 11 Rules for Anyone Who Uses Charts

Article on

An original article outlining how Michael dealt with the post financial crisis world where technical analysis did not work the way we expected it to work.

Article for Barron's Magazine posted on a different site.

Just for kicks, here is the article Michael wrote in October 2003 entitled when the Dow closed at 9572, "Still Going North."

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